Another good email retention article

The latest edition of DominoPower Magazine has an informative interview with Marie Patterson concerning her company's email archiving and retention solution.

At the C-level, the real issue is again the lack of policies, as we're seeing in much-publicized cases like Morgan Stanley. Executives are concerned about anything that will affect shareholder value. As it relates to email, the issues are all risk related, so growing and unbudgeted e-discovery costs definitely affect the bottom line. Litigation that has to go to settlement because organizations are incapable of finding specific records affect the bottom line. High-profile litigation that ends up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal makes the organization look either incompetent or fraudulent. That affects the corporate image which, again, affects shareholder value.

I will bang the drum on this as long as it takes for people to wake up to reality.  If you do not have an email archiving and retention policy and solution already in place, you had better get your butt in gear before you and your CIO loses your job when the fines start rolling in for failure to produce emails that were subpoenaed.  The one line in the interview that really scared me was that Morgan Stanley was found to have actively conspired to defraud its former client.  Not exactly the kind of PR that any company wants.

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