Update on coComment code for DominoBlog/IBM Blogging Template

After receiving another complaint that coComment was causing an issue for someone on my site, I sent the problem description and screen shot to coComment for an explaination.  Christophe was kind enough to get back with me in a very short time frame, although I didn't see it until today cause Hotmail had classified it as Junk.  In any event, it seems that coComment has joined the JSON crowd with their latest release.  Below is an updated script that you can add to your blog based on the DominoBlog or IBM Blogging Template:

[script type='text/javascript']
coco= {
name: "DominoBlog",
siteurl: "[$DXURL$]",
sitetitle: "[$DXTitle$]",
pageurl: "[$DXURL$]dx/[$DXDocumentLink$]",
pagetitle: "[$DXSubject$]",
formName: "_DominoForm",
authorID: "author",
textareaID: "textcomment",
buttonID: "SubmitButton"
[script id='cocomment-fetchlet' src='http://cocomment.com/js/enabler.js' type='text/javascript'][/script]

Just replace the [ ] with < > and the code should work great.  Just place it directly after your DXCommentForm tag on the Document/Page template.  If this all sounds greek to you, but you still want to implement the code, just contact me via comments or email and I can help you get it working.

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