Validating number-only fields
I recently needed to add some additional validation to a form that I think you might find useful. While Domino will automatically check number fields for errant characters, it doesn't do this very cleanly. In fact, it's quite fugly. So I created a JavaScript function that checks the field for errant characters.

//********************function isNumeric()****************
function isNumeric(fieldname, fieldlabel, addchars){
  if (addchars == null ) {
    var ValidChars = "0123456789.,";
  } else {
    var ValidChars = "0123456789.," + addchars;
  var IsNumber=true;
  var Char;
  for (i = 0; i < fieldname.value.length; i++){
    Char = fieldname.value.charAt(i);
    if (ValidChars.indexOf(Char) == -1){
      alert('Please enter only numbers in ' + fieldlabel);
      return false;
  return true;

The function is very easy to use. I have a validation function that calls the isNumeric function as follows:

if (!isNumeric(document.forms[0].fatalities,"fatalities in the last 5 years")) return false;
The first variable passed it the field that is being checked and the second is a description of the field that is passed to the user if the validation fails. A third variable is optional and would contain additional characters that would be permissible, e.g. "$" or "%". And before you ask, no, I have not tested to make sure that this works in Firefox or Mozilla. To make that work, I would probably have to change the fieldname variable to document.getElementById(fieldname).
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