Will your favorite Lotus Blogger be worthy of a Brill Award this year?

The film industry has their Oscars.  We have our Brills.  At least that's the name that Chris and I came up with when chatting about the latest set of awards for the Lotus Community.

Brill Statue

Announcing the LotusUserGroup.org Best Lotus Blogger Award. This award recognizes the importance of blogging to the Lotus world and celebrates the contribution of bloggers to the Lotus community. The Lotus community has an astonishing number of folks who dedicate their time, effort, and wit to keep the rest of us informed about Lotus technology, events, news, and everything else that's going on with Lotus (and sometimes technology in general). It's true that all bloggers provide a valuable contribution and an important service to the community, but the LotusUserGroup.org Best Lotus Blogger Award will go to the blogger who our members think has provided exceptional information, education, and community support through his or her blog in an entertaining (or engrossing) format and style.  As a member of LotusUserGroup.org you can log in at http://www.lotususergroup.org/awards and nominate your favorite blogger! Nominations are only open for a brief time and the more nominations a blogger gets, the better his or her chances of becoming a finalist. So, don't wait. Nominate your favorite blogger at http://www.lotususergroup.org/awards.

So support your local Lotus Blogger by voting early and voting often.

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